Powers of Attorney

from £750 plus VAT

More and more people look to appoint an Attorney to help them run their affairs.

Often it is older people who want the reassurance of knowing their adult child can help them with calls or letters or forms perhaps with banks or Government agencies.

Sometimes the "child" sees Mum or Dad getting a bit confused or worried about having to deal with a long form to apply for pension credit or speak to the benefits office.

It is not always older people. Perhaps you have to work away from home and would like your spouse or other relative or friend to be able to act on your behalf?

It is important to realise you can only appoint an Attorney while you are mentally capable. The appointment adds a layer of help, it does not mean the Attorney can ride roughshod over you.

Hatton Law Family Solicitors provides a fixed fee service to help you through this process.

Once you have made an appointment, we write, either in the post or by email telling you what you need to bring, who needs to come and even where to park all to help make it easier for you.

Our offices are ground floor and we have access and toilet facilities suitable for wheelchair users.

Once here, we will take you and your Attorney(s) through all the forms and act as your witness to sign them with you. As they are quite long, this can take a good hour and a half. Our fee also includes sending the forms off to the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) and reporting back to you.

There are two sorts of Attorney (LPA) one dealing with financial and property issues and one dealing with health and personal care issues.

You might want to do one or other, or both.

Our service is for a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT for one attorney, £1000 plus vat for both finances and health or £1500 for a couple doing both health and finances.*

*Fixed fee applies for one meeting and registration work. If for any reason it appears your case is likely to be more complicated, we would discuss any additional costs with you in advance.